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Setting the gold standard for educational travel for over 50 years.

For more than five decades, the principals of Thalassa Journeys have been the leaders in educational travel programs the world over.  In partnership with America’s leading universities and museums, we have pioneered programs around the globe from Antarctica to the coasts of Africa, from the Greek Islands to Greenland, from South America to the South Pacific.

Our very first voyage, to the pre-Columbian sites of Central America and Mexico’s Yucatan, was itself a bold concept in 1971, when few people other than archaeologists had ever seen the ancient Mayan centers we visited. And this voyage set the standard for further ambitious adventures throughout the world.

Building itineraries around the expertise of teachers from our partner institutions, we have introduced tens of thousands of travelers to the joys of engaging with new worlds in the company of world-class scholars anxious to share their knowledge.

Thalassa Journeys - Luxury Cultural Expeditions - Small Ship Cruises and Land Tours
Thalassa Journeys - Luxury Cultural Expeditions - Small Ship Cruises and Land ToursPast Board President, American Public Gardens Association
Thalassa Journeys - Luxury Cultural Expeditions - Small Ship Cruises and Land Tours
Thalassa Journeys - Luxury Cultural Expeditions - Small Ship Cruises and Land Tours

We were the first U.S. small ship operator to offer voyages to both Vietnam and Libya following the normalization of diplomatic relations; we were also the first to establish institution-sponsored educational voyages along the coasts of Brazil, China, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

In 1994, we pioneered the concept of family learning cruises with Voyage to the Lands of Gods and Heroes, introducing families to the history and mythology of ancient Greece and Rome. And in 2003, our guests enjoyed a grand journey the likes of which are seldom seen: a 70-day circumnavigation of the African continent.

Over the years, we have amassed unparalleled knowledge of people and places the world over. In every corner of the globe, we have led the way, and in each new port we have made friends and nurtured relationships with people who know and trust us and who are pleased to welcome our guests as their own.

Celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2009

This is the experience and these are the relationships that Thalassa Journeys builds on as we design programs unique in the industry. The vessels we use have well-deserved reputations for comfort, service and cuisine. The accommodations and amenities are first class. The staff and crew are praised for their graciousness and attention to detail. But it is where we’ve been and who we know that truly set us apart. It is our long experience and enduring relationships that give us the confidence to bring together diverse and inquisitive people in the enterprise of discovery.

Exploring the world in the company of like-minded travelers, learning from expert lecturers and world-class performers, secure in the knowledge that every detail of your itinerary has been designed by men and women totally conversant with the destination – this is the experience we offer.

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